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The words “log cabin” can mean different things to different people. There is extremes linked to the connotation of this word. For the extreme of a shack made from 100 year old logs, to spacious rambling log castle, the simple phrase “Log Cabin” can include it all. Some times the homes we are describing fall more under the name “log home”. A little more sophisticated of a title to coinside with a 4,000 square foot home. And then there is the term “lodge”.

Something so spacious that it has entered the commercial realm.
To me, a cabin, log cabin, or log home mean the realization of a dream. Little log getaways, to log mansions, to log resorts, they are all made out of that natural product, a tree. They all reflect the beauty that only a log can give. Log homes are a passion with many people and they are extremely indigious to the Rocky Mountain West in which I live.

Log cabin kits are a good way to insure the quality of your home. Logs are not like other building products. It is wise to purchse a log cabin kit fully precut from the mill. When a timber roof system is included in log cabin kits, it will fit better than if cut on site. We have built home both ways, and the precut at the mill is actally the most econimcal when also calculating in the man hours on the job site and extra equipment rental. Not to mention the precision cuts that only come from the master log crafters at the mill. From small log cabin kits to extra large 20,000 square foot homes, Lake Country has handled them all. I think they are the best kept secret in the Log Home Industry.

Take a look and dream on as you look through this show case of homes.

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