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Manufactured Log Homes

Finger Joinery

Milled log homes, or manufactured log homes, come in D-log (flat on inside and round on outside), double-D (round on interior and exterior), or square (flat on inside and outside). Log sizes are typically 6×8 or 8×8. Log lengths are up to 16 feet. Finger joinery is used for longer lengths. Log species for milled homes include Dead Standing Lodge Pole Pine, White Pine, Engelmann Spruce, Douglas Fir, and Western Red Cedar.

Log Wall Assembly

Lake Country Log Homes has a fully computerized mill which yields precise and accurate cuts. All of our log homes are fully pre-cut and pre-numbered. A log schedule (shop drawings) detailing number and placement of each log accompanies the log home construction drawings.

Finger Joinery

As shown here, all log walls are pre-drilled for electric wire holes and boxes. This makes the daunting task of installing electric into a log home much easier. The logs do not get scarred from manually cutting in the box holes on the job site.

Log walls stack with a double tongue and groove profile with full saddle notch corners. Log wall assembly hardware (included with all packages) is 1/2″ x 10″ lag bolts. Foam tape, notch gasket, and caulking is also used to further insulate the home. (Through bolts available if required).

Log Wall Foam Tape and Caulking
Roof System- handcrafted log (round) or timber (square) beams and rafters are an integral part of our homes. Also manufactured trusses are utilized (as per design). Frequently standard trusses are placed over bedrooms and garages.

Log Wall Under Construction
All manufactured log home packages include the first floor sub-floor.
For homes with an open loft or second floor without plumbing, a popular option is our timber joists with 2×6 Douglas Fir loft decking. By building the home in this manner or hiring house extensions high wycombe professionals, the home owner gains a finished wood floor for the upstairs, and the v-groove style for the first floor ceilings.

For homes with bathrooms on the second floor the home package includes timber joists and sub-floor (2 x joists with 3/4″ sheathing). This provides the necessary room for the canberra plumbing.

The gable ends of the manufactured log homes are framed with 2×6 lumber as per design with 1/2″ sheathing, Tyvek house wrap, and Gable Flashing. If you look closely, you will see a tan line running along the logs at the top of the log wall where the logs stop and the gable begins. This is the gable flashing. (Now available in brown.) Log Siding or cedar shakes are then installed for the exterior of the gables – also included with package.

Gable Flashing
Packages also include all decks or porches (as per design).
For interior walls 2×4 and 2×6 framing lumber AND/OR solid log interior walls are included. For increase structural soundness, Lake Country is noted for their incorporation of solid log interior walls into the home design.

Windows- our packages include metal clad wood windows or vinyl with Low-E insulated glass, grills, screens, custom wood jambs, 1×6 Pine trim, log wall door and window flashing, and 2×6 bucks. The low-E feature reduces the ultra-violet ray penetration into the home. The advantage of the custom wood jambs is they are designed for the wider log wall widths. Because of the roundness of logs, it is not easy to get a good weather tight seal around windows. Buying windows that are designed for log homes will save you on energy costs from day one.

Interior of Gable
Exterior Doors include- pre-hung fiberglass entry doors, metal clad wood French doors, metal clad or vinyl sliding patio doors, and steel fire doors where required. Again, choosing doors that are suitable for the log homes is imperative to retain the weather tightness and energy efficiency log homes are proven to provide.
Also included in our packages is the 1×6 Pine Tongue and Groove for all ceilings and soffits.

Interior Manufactured Log Cabin
When a dormer is part of the home design, the package will include 2×6 framing and sheathing. Also log siding and corner boards for the exterior.

Large Gable Dormer
Milled log and material packages are ready to be shipped approximately 6 weeks after approval of manufacturing drawings and receipt of initial deposit. (Based on average sized home.)
We believe our homes are the most complete packages with the most flexibility for the customer.
**Delivery to job site is additional and calculated based on mileage from Lake Country Log Homes to Job Site. Please call for quote estimate.**

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