Stag Weekends: Have You Given It a Thought?

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Stag events acquire a special place in every man’s life. Seeking total fun and enjoyment remains on top of their wish-list. By taking part in stag weekends they find themselves in a better position to break-free from all barriers. Experience has shown, generally all close friends of a would-be groom come together to throw a party. On most occasions, the weekend trips in the offing is concealed and kept under wraps. It is till last few minutes/hours of making the trip that this news is kept as a top secret from a would-be groom. This maintenance of top-level secrecy is not mandatory but is done solely to increase the excitement level of this event.

Marriage brings along with it a baggage of new set of rules and responsibilities. A marriage to most men is the sure-shot way to witness an end to their princely life. In order to breathe easy and get rid of tensions, on most occasions the would-be groom prefers to go on stag weekends. This allows him to gear up to face new set of responsibilities. Even his ladylove encourages him to do so because these ladies are well aware that this is the last time their Mr. Right can take part in weird, erotic and non-sensible acts.

A stag do is clearly identified with actions that come within the definition of being termed ‘non-sensible’. Nevertheless, even if it means so, it does not deter these men into taking part in activities which gives a high of a different kind. For instance, they can be found taking part in gambling, boozing for the entire day or till wee-hours of a day, attending strip clubs, etc. Of late, such events have witnessed a mammoth increase in number of people who prefer to go to these strip clubs. They contend that because it allows them to interact with horny/seductive looking bombshells, their merry-making becomes memorable.

Recent years has seen mushrooming of many top-notch companies who offer stag do services. However, it is always not very necessary that you have to increasingly depend on them. In fact, with a little amount of imagination, you can manage it all by yourself. For instance, you can get approval of the would-be groom regarding the guests he would like to invite. For the smooth conduct of the event, it is suggested that these guests should comprise of guests with whom the groom shares a cordial and friendly rapport. Deciding the venue and booking it in advance holds the key for success of such an event.

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