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Swedish Cope Log Homes 10″ and 12″

What makes a Swedish Cope log home unique? Swedish Cope logs are round on the inside and outside. The top is also left round. A half moon shaped groove is cut into the log along the bottom. This concave groove provides overlapping one log to the next when the log wall is stacked and gives this log style it’s name, Swedish Cope.

The log corners of a Swedish Cope home are full saddle notch. When the corner of the home is viewed, the end of each log is visible. The other common method is butt and pass corners where every other log end is exposed. Swedish Cope homes only stack with the full saddle notch corners. Our Swedish Cope logs have a consistent diameter down the entire length of the log but they are not milled or manufactured. Each log is treated just like our handcrafted log homes, the only difference being that they are first placed in a lave to obtain the consistent diameter. Each log is hand selected. The lave turns the log round and round until it is a uniform diameter end to end. The most common diameters for out heavy Swedish Cope logs are 10″ and 12″ logs.

After the logs are turned, then they are each hand peeled by the log craftsmen. After the logs are hand peeled, then each one is individually chosen for placement in the wall. Each log is hand scribed with our Scandinavian full scribe method to fit to the log beneath it. The half moon shape carved in the bottom of each log is the “Swedish Cope”.

A side note: Some log home construction companies in london fall short and only turn the log but do not hand peel it. This leaves extensive marks on the logs. These circular ridges around the logs is sometimes referred to as “chatter”. It makes the log components of a home look less than professional.

On these logs, notice the smoothness and flat marks left by the draw knives. Also the logs are hand scribed for the logs that will fit above them in this huge log puzzle.

Then slowly the log home is erected in the shadow of the two towering cranes. Logs are lifted, marked, lowered, cut, and replaced on the wall multiple times. This insures a perfect fit for each log. The corners of these homes can be done in the full saddle notch style, as listed above, or a diamond cut notching pattern. The diamond cut produces corner logs that are cut on the top and the bottom where as the saddle notch are cut on the lowers, not the uppers. The diamond cut results in walls that look intricately woven together.

Log lengths for our Swedish Cope homes can reach up to 50′. Where ever there is an interior intersecting log wall, a corner is woven into the side. There are no butt joints in a handcraft home.

Interior log walls is another integral feature of our homes. Why would interior walls be made from solid log? Because extra structural integrity is gained by these walls. Logs spans are different than those of standard construction homes. This being said, the increased integral strength of our Lake Country homes make them extremely beautiful and exceedingly strong.

The roof system of Swedish Cope homes can either be round logs, square timbers, glulam beams, or standard trusses. Many homes utilize a combination of these styles. Most commonly round logs are used for the great room section of the home. Then over the bedrooms and garage areas standard trusses are incorporated. This helps limit the costs somewhat on the homes and also allows for things such as attic trusses over the garage to expand the living and storage spaces.

All of the logs are recessed to recieve framing and finishing material. Ledge cuts and tuck cuts allow for quick installation of doors, windows, interior framing, etc.

Also, all of the electric box holes and wire holes are pre cut and pre drilled at the mill. This allows for easy installation of wiring in all of the log walls.

We utilize a through bolt system for the logs to insure straighness during settling. Handcrafted homes can shrink as much as several inches. But this is an innate characteristic of these homes and shrinkage is allowed for in the specialized construction drawings required for these homes.

A 2×4 spleen is used in the door and window openings to limit shrinkage over these areas. This basically prevents walls from settling and then pushing on doors and windows and causing problems. The wood spleens remove any concerns.

Lake Country Swedish Cope homes require an approximately 12 to 16 weeks from initial deposit until delivery of the home package, based on average sized home.

Please feel free to explore our world of Swedish Cope homes below. If you have any questions, please feel free to call our office number at 406-388-3458 or email us through our ‘Contact Us’ page. Not sure what type of home is best for you? That’s why we are here. Asking questions is the best thing future log home owners can do.

Sometimes people are afraid of sales pitches, high pressure salesmen, and being bothered continually. That is not the case when you contact loft conversion company. Very rarely do we even contact one of our customers unless they contact us first. With 13 years in the log home building business we have lots of experience that we are happy to share with you. Our log homes sell themselves. When seen personally, person after person fall in love with them and feel they have a friend in us.
We are here to help make your log home journey successful and memorable- in a great way!

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